Jerningham Street Cottage, North Adelaide, is situated in a row of six residences, originally seven, and is an excellent example of 1860s attached dwellings. It retains important stylistic elements, including masonry walls and simple roof form extending along the row.

The original row stretched the full width of the area, between Mackinnon Parade and Provost Street, as is shown on the Smith survey of 1880. These cottages are an important indication of the type of residence constructed at the time.

A significant number of small residences, like this row, remain from the earliest period of housing development in North Adelaide. They reflect the style, scale, materials and detail characteristic of dwellings in the 1860s and early 1870.

The cottages were built by Mr Frederick Read, who sailed from Liverpool, England, with his wife, Lydia, and  two children on the “Condor”, in 1851. Mr Read worked as the manager of the Copper Miners Company, at Melrose in the Clare Valley.  The properties, acre 971, were auctioned on friday, may 10, 1867 by Green and Wadham, Auctioneers.